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$COBRA is a token focused on charity, community and utility.
This is not just another shit coin, but rather a coin that will do something good in this world.
Half of all taxes on trades will be donated to a charity chosen by the Top G himself.
$COBRA will also have a lot of utility such as lottery, mini games and NFT mint.

We at Cobra Tate believe in the act of giving.
That’s why we have decided to allocate half of all taxes on trades to charity.
The goal is to get Andrew to choose the charity.
If he doesn’t choose, the community will.

Just by holding $COBRA, you’ll have a chance of winning the Cobra Lottery.
25% of all taxes will go to the lottery pot.
Every time the lottery pot hits 2k worth of $BNB, a winner will be chosen by our very own Telegram bot.
The chances of winning will be based on the total amount of $COBRA you hold.
The bot will automatically send out the $BNB prize to the winner when it announces in our Telegram group.


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