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Web 3.0 gaming solutions

BitSniper will provide a rewarding and immersive play to earn experience for players, with a focus on gameplay, narrative, social interaction, player skill development, and updates. We will encourage collaboration through chat rooms, message boards, and guilds, and will offer in-game rewards for virtual assets and cryptocurrency to ensure players feel their time is well spent. We will provide a variety of challenges to keep players engaged and will regularly update the game with new features and content.

BitSniper is a Sandbox competitor developed by former Tencent and Ubisoft devs. Chinese esports and gaming company.
-Upcoming CEX listings include Kucoin, and Bithumb
-Dynamic Profit Sharing
-Airdrops for Holders
-Cross-Chain Interoperability
-dApp Connectivity
-Staking and Liquidity mining pools
-CertiK onboarding in progress to foster transparency and integrity.


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Ordinals Finance
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