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The Squeeze meta is all about creating a supply shock or supply squeeze. The general idea is to create a real scarcity of the tokens especially in decentralized exchanges. This will create a exponential growth in price as the supply is squeezed, as demonstrated to great effect by $PEPE.

Baby Squeeze is a Baby or rewards token, meaning it is giving rewards in another project, the Daddy project: Dollar Squeeze. The project could have been named Baby Dollar Squeeze, or Cent Squeeze, but Baby Squeeze was too bullish to give up. Baby Squeeze is using 3% tax to reward $BSQ holders in $DSQ.

Baby Squeeze has a sensible first goal: a target price of $1 which it will achieve at 886k USD mcap, having burned 11.3% of the supply

Baby Squeeze has dedicated a manual burn wallet that is eligible for DSQ rewards (and DSQ reflections) and has sent 6.1 % of the supply there.


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