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Bromidian ($BRO) is the Native token of the Robromides Project ( The Project features a rich immersive story rife with interesting characters, deep lore, and introspective themes, the IP Robromides will be launching real world IP Products such as a comic book, Battle cards (like Magic or Pokemon) and an animated series in addition to a Merch store featuring the IP. The BRO token comes in as a reward for those who purchase/Stake the project NFTs or Stake the BRO Token for Rewards, in the final phase of the Project before official mainnet Launch the BRO token will be put into a DEX liquidity pool backed with Matic and USDC as a reward for our early adopters and project participants. A percentage of the Real world IP product profit will also be converted into Matic and USDC and supplied to the liquidity pool to be sure that there is always an incoming stream of liquidity to back the BRO Token. Robromides combines Immersive Story, Real world products, in person meet ups and events, and Web3 NFT technology.


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