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The Arcadia Foundation is a fundraising and team building DAO developing the core structures that support our blockchain vision in the context of our bigger project, Arcadia.Global. We will be building a decentralized holding bridging real assets with crypto.


? Real project, real founder, and focused on real assets:
?Invest in real estate, venture, metals, and gems with crypto.
? Project with track record and validation in the VC arena.
?Tokenomics focus on early adoption rather than big raise.
? Teambuilding makes us whale friendly.
?Stepped progressive sale based on pegs.
? 10% token lots with discounts starting at 90% in 1st stage.
? Guaranteed initial vesting price per token: $1
? Founder and employees only receive their salaries.
? Super accesible: Runs in Gnosis xDAI and has 0 fees.
? Priority access to future fundraising models.
? No spam, bots or shaddy stuff. KYCed brokers only.

? Check our Telegram, join the private bounty airdrop, and get your first loot tokens ?


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Ordinals Finance
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