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AnuuTech is a blockchain company built from the ground up with an entirely modular concept in mind, and bringing a unique, innovative way in how transacted data is validated and protected.

Modularity is the core value behind our technology. This means that it offers for virtually any type of data to be transacted through our network, totally safe from modification (intentionally or otherwise). And if modification of said data occurs, Proof of Hash will always detect it and warn the user before they take any further action.

Data can vary between, but not limited to:

• a legal document
• an NFT
• a music\'s / video\'s / image\'s metadata
• emails

When other companies use our technology, we have a business plan that will provide our investors and our company with income. Our method allows us to grow and continue our development into our other cornerstone technologies.

We are looking for strategic partners who can add more value to our business.


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