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AvataGo is the Metaverse World for AR Friends of Artificial Intelligence ( Including ChatGPT ). Up to now, avatars that represent us are the main stream in the metaverse VR environment from the real world to the virtual reality. In the future, AI avatars would become another mainstream, like new independent creatures in an AR environment from the virtual reality to the real world.

What is AvataGo AGT Crypto?

AGT Crypto is used in AvataGo.

There will be AvataGo Asset Store.
1. Whoever can sell his/her voice, face, body or character. Our team will use the voice, face, body or character to make each artificial intelligence for AR friends.
2. User can select the each voice, face, body and character that user likes and can make the completed AR friends.
3. User can play with his/her completed AR friends or can sell the completed AR friends in AvataGo.

At the end, AvataGo AGT Crypto will be used to buy/sell all of items in AvataGo.


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