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I\'m sick and tired of getting dumped by whales controlling the price, by aping in a green candle when it\'s too late. By getting rug pulled by none sense tokens that promise us the moon and the starts. I\'m sick and tired of going to work every single day, making minimum wages and not being able to make ends meet, I\'m tired of being poor and so do you. 5BillionPEPES is a token to free us all from being slaves from the system. We will reach a 5 Billion market cap this time and we will be free, this time FOR GOOD. Presale is just USD $5 M. Once we reach the amount the token will instantly launch on DEX\'es. 52% of what we gather will instantly go to LP and is locked for one year, since we all be fat rich way before that. This token is for smol pepes that want to make life changing money fast and get over with whatever is not letting you reach your goals, your dreams, your perception of reality. 5Billion ensures you will always be early to jump in and be on green. Whales will become fish with such an enourmous quantity of operations.


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