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The First Fully Autonomous Gambling Token on BSC!

0xGamble is not your ordinary gambling project in the crypto world. It is a revolutionary project that combines the thrill of decentralized gambling with cutting-edge blockchain technology, creating an unparalleled experience for risk-takers and degens alike.

Autonomous Mechanics: 0xGamble operates with a set of predefined thresholds that determine the fate of the pot balance. These thresholds are 69, 420, and 1337, each triggering a different outcome.

Pot Distribution: When a transfer triggers one of the thresholds, the pot balance is distributed accordingly:

69: The pot balance is transferred to the house address, ensuring the sustainability of the project and supporting future developments.
420: The pot balance is won by the wallet that initiated the transfer.
1337: The pot balance is burned.

Each transfer of 1UCK tokens has a 1% tax attached: 0,5% is burned and 0.5% is sent to the Pot.


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