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Cloudbit Classic Introduction

Cloudbit Classic (CDBC) is a cryptocurrency coin. CDBC enables communication between blockchains and their smart contracts. Through Cloudbit\'s decentralized ecosystem, it allows to provide with external data, events and payment methods and process off-chain information.

The CDBC network is powered by a large community of data processing providers, node operators, smart contract developers and security auditors. Cloudbit focuses on ensuring that decentralized participation is available to node operators and its users.

? The Cloudbit Classic documents

What are the features of the CDBC coin
? Team coins locked for 1 year
? Liquidity locked for 1 year
✅ 0% Buy Tax (Easy Exchange Integration)
✅ 0% Sell Tax (Easy Exchange Integration)
? 1% of CDBCs total supply is already burned

Audited by:
? AnalytixAudit


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