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he Chan Chu (Chinese), also known as the \"Money Toad\" is a mystical creature. It is depicted as a toad sitting on a pile of coins.

The Chan Chu is a symbol of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Money Toad would attract money and bring financial blessings to those who kept it in their homes or businesses.

In our case it\'s not just a words, we are suggesting XRP rewards for keeping Chan Chu coin in your wallets in 3% size.

We really believe that Chan Chu is behind the scene of Pepe success. And now it\'s a time to reveal the truth and show everyone who is the real daddy in the BSC world.

CA: Renounced, locked ?
LP: 1 bnb lock for 1 month ?
No airdrops, stealth launch ?

?Total Supply: 42,000,000,000,000,000
?Rewards: 3% XRP
?Marketing Tax: 5%
?Total Tax: 8%


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