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?The Bowl is a pioneering layer-2 Defi provider platform built on the Shibarium blockchain and designed specifically for the extensive Shiba Inu ecosystem.

?As a team behind the Bowl protocol, we aim to utilise the new decentralized Shibarium blockchain to create a fair, reliable and accessible peer-to-peer service.

?Bowl native token $BOWL will be used the following key functions:
? Staking Rewards
$BOWL token will enable holders to make additional rewards from depositing and locking their tokens. Rewards will be makeed for staking whitelisted tokens such as $SHIB, $BONE, $LEASH or $PAW.
? Protocol Incentivization
$BOWL token will enable users and contributors to the platform to make additional rewards from time to time e.g. airdrops or higher Annual Percentage Yield (APY) in order to boost interest from new users, reward loyalty and stimulate overall usage of the Bowl protocol.

? Website:
? Twitter:


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