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What is arbether Protocol - is an innovative DeFi utility hub-spot that brings vital solution to the new, emerging space of Arbitrum and other L2 chains.

arbether Finance: the ultimate V3 liquidity experience DEX. Trade, create new V3 liquidity pools, farm fees and stake your ARBETH on arbether. finance

arbether Relayer: Enabling private transactions between two wallets using zkSNARK cryptography. Safely move your ETH without being tracked by hackers or scammers.

arbether LP Locker: Safely-vault LP tokens on Arbitrum using our easy to-use dApp, with minimal costs. Lock V3 liquidity NFT’s on L2 chains. arbether Token Locker: A flexible solution for developers and founders. Lock any tokens using our innovative vesting solution and provide investors the confidence that their assets are secure.

Revenue generated by arbether Protocol will be shared amongst $ARBETH holders.


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