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AHT is a deflationary token created on the Polygon blockchain with a limited supply of 100,000 tokens. Every on-chain transaction incurs fees of 0.5% for the protocol and 0.5% for burn, making it inherently deflationary.

Buy it or earn it!

There are two ways to obtain the token: by purchasing it on a DEX or by participating in the airdrop hunting project: For every $1 invested, you will receive 1 token sent directly to your wallet.

Fluctuating value through continuous buying pressure !

The mechanism has been designed to create continuous buying pressure through the token-hunter project, which is an indefinite buyer. Indeed, 5% of the funds collected and 5% of the profits from airdrop sales will be used to buy AHT tokens on the markets (DEX).

Take advantage of it, Enjoy it!


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